The Knitted Doll

Item number: 117

The woman as a mother

Category: Originals


The idea of the artist is a representational still life of the femininity of the woman of today to fuffill many aspects. This subject can be found in the different images and their consideration at any point mentioned one finds a symbolic representation; such as crowns, mussels and snails.

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Artist: Ralf Metzenmacher Biography
Art style: Retro-Art
Year of manufacture: 2005
Material: Oil on Canvas Picture sample Mastertape
Total mass: 36" x 50"
Numbered: Ralf Metzenmacher
Frame: This painting has an opulent antique silver frame, with many playful decorative elements. It is dedicated to the spinster teacher without partner who teaches youth torments with absurdities.
The not developed to maturity femininity, if you like.
The painting has a golden Ralli-Label integrated into the frame.
Signature: hand-signed (RALLI/month/year)
Additional Information: The story:
This motive constitutes an antipole to the sexual characteristics: namely, how a child views his expectations of his mother. The statement is explicit: mothers are fundamentally responsible for food.

As a symbol of this important function, I transformed the Grand Snail into a Swiss cheese. In that moment of transformation, the grounded spaceship acquired an entirely different meaning. It is astounding how I could bring about such a change in meaning through such minimal intervention and colour variation.

This painting has strong links with the Grand Snail. I have slightly altered the perspective and also the shade formation. The sand-coloured foundation has almost completely disappeared and is now exclusively composed of rough brush strokes.

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